Test case generators

Test case generation requires a specification, or model, to generate test cases from. QuviQ can develop these models for you or help you to develop them yourselves.

We’ve used QuickCheck to test many different kinds of software, and with our experience, we can often suggest easy solutions to testing problems you encounter. We have built models for telecommunication protocols, such as Megaco or SIP. We have built models for AUTOSAR basic software for the automotive industry. We created models for internet protocols like TCP and TLS, and for complex distributed systems.

There are often two parts in generating test cases:

  1. create a sequence of API calls
  2. create data as arguments of these calls

Our model development takes care of both. The tests we generate use guided randomness to create sensible tests, meaningful sequences with meaningful arguments that take relationships between calls into account. QuviQ are experts in tuning such models based on test statistics to ensure rapid coverage of interesting cases. QuickCheck models can be used for different purposes, such as testing for concurrency errors, or generating a test suite that has certain coverage criteria. Models are compositional and several models can be composed into a model of a larger system.