John Hughes, CEO

John is a well-known researcher in functional programming, the author of the classic paper Why Functional Programming Matters, and a contributor to the design of Haskell. He has been a Professor since 1985, at the University of Glasgow and Chalmers University in Gothenburg. He invented QuickCheck together with Koen Claessen in 2000, recently earning an ACM SIGPLAN award for the work. Since then John has focussed more and more on software testing, co-founding QuviQ in 2006.

Thomas Arts, CTO

Thomas was a researcher at Ericsson, and then a professor at Chalmers University, before co-founding QuviQ. As a researcher in Ericsson’s Computer Science Laboratory he worked on software verification tools for Erlang. In his academic career his research focussed on the application of state-of-the-art research results in an industrial setting. As the CTO of QuviQ, Thomas continues to explore cool technical solutions for innovative products.

Ulf Norell, QuickCheck Expert

Ulf obtained his PhD from Chalmers in 2007, making his name as the creator of the latest version of the dependently-typed programming language Agda. Ulf is a long-time Haskell and Erlang expert, and joined QuviQ in 2008. He is the brains behind QuviQ’s C-testing interface, and the QuickCheck infrastructure underlying our AUTOSAR testing.

Hans Svensson, QuickCheck Expert

Hans is a software developer with almost 15 years of experience. Great problem solving skills. Advanced testing experience from multiple fields – automotive, telecom and web services. Always trying to find the most efficient way to tackle the problem at hand, using the most suitable technology available. Not afraid of combining tools and technology in novel ways, or invent new tools, in order to reach the set target. Hans has in depth knowledge of testing concurrent Erlang systems with QuickCheck and maintains the PULSE randomizing scheduler. Hans is an excellent teacher and coach.